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Neufeld Legal P.C. provides specialized legal services at competitive rates for corporate businesses seeking to advance their profitability and navigate the legal challenges that arise in an increasingly competitive commercial environment. From start-up business enterprises and partnerships to medium and large corporations, we take a pro-active business approach to the development of corporate and financial strategies that seek to effectively address the legal priorities of a particular transaction or the ongoing operations of a business. The objective is to stay on the right side of the law, such that the business might optimize its potential, while minimizing its susceptibility to legal  damage.

Whether your business is seeking ongoing legal services to facilitate its current operations and development or is at the point where the company is at the point of undertaking major commercial activities (i.e., mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint venture, strategic partnership, tax planning, financing), we can help you make sound decisions regarding your corporate business transactions and commercial development. We are committed to helping businesses address their transactional, contractual and governance needs through sound legal advice that supports their unique business goals.

Given the significance of legal decisions to your corporate actions, it is important that you retain the experienced counsel of the right lawyer to provide that all important legal direction that your business requires. Given the incredible potential that your company possesses, and the countervailing forces that are constantly seeking to derail your progress, you need to insure that you surround yourself with the right people to drive progress forward, while guarding against the dangers that abound in the commercial world.

For commitment and experience in legal matters impacting companies in Calgary and Alberta, contact corporate lawyer Christopher Neufeld at or 403-400-4092.

The law offices of Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation (headquartered at 1600, 144 4th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta) are directed at provided businesses in Calgary, and throughout Alberta, with experienced legal services that are intended to assist in the advancement of business-related legal projects, from contracts and buying/selling a business to joint ventures / strategic partnerships and commercial financing. Much of my professional and personal drive emanates from a desire to truly understand the inner workings of business and how it is possible to make businesses succeed and thrive financial, which I have sought to bring to my legal practice and work with business leaders who are striving to make the most of their opportunities, while overcoming substantial challenges as they arise. Calgary. Legal Disclaimer. Privacy Policy. Copyright 2014.